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Staplers/Combi Tools
Dynamik Gastechnology
Bradders, Pinners, T-Nailers and Nailers for Corrugated Fasteners
Coil-, Strip-, D-Head and Roofing Nailers
Tools for Special Applications
Bench-Mounted Pneumatic Nailers
Automated Tools
Hotmelt Technology
Timber Connectors
Pallet Systems
    Staplers and Combination Tools
Here you will find a broad selection of tools for fine, medium and heavy wire staples.Innovative modifications make it possible to turn the basic models into a large variety of special-purpose tools.  .....Details
    Bradders, Pinners, T-Nailers and Nailers for Corrugated Fasteners 
BeA bradders, pinners and T-nailers are used in many areas of the industry and by craftsmen, too. BeA nailers for corrugated staples are the perfect solution for fastening butt joints or corner joints. ....Details
    Pneumatic Coil Nailers, Strip Nailers and Roofing Nailers
BeA pneumatic coil nailers, strip nailers and roofing nailers are the professional answer when it comes to building materials and components for roof, floor or interior finish..  ....Details
    Dynamik Gas Technology
The gas operated nailer Dynamik D 90, the new Dynamik Fuel Cells and the paper collated D-Head nails are part of the Dynamik Gas Technology.
New: The Dynamik Nailer CN 60 for Drywalling (Concrete Nailer).....Details 
    Tools for Special Applications
With BeA tools you can conquer even tricky fastening jobs. BeA has problem solutions for most areas . ...Details
    Bench-Mounted Pneumatic Nailers
Bench-mounted BeA pneumatic nailing stations are ideal for use in craftsmen's workshops and for batch production in smaller companies. ...Details
    Modular Tools
For your automated industrial applications, BeA offers modular tools with the following features. ....Details
    BeA Hotmelt Technology
BeA is the right connection for hotmelt technology, too.
BeA hotmelt guns are extremely economical, clean and precise in operation, as well as being solvent-free. ....Details
BeA offers a wide range of powerful compressors with tanks from 6 - 90 litres. All the compressors can be easily used and transported anywhere by anybody. No further approval
needed for use. ....Details
    Timber Connectors
BeA offers a large variety of timber connectors including joist hangers, angle brackets, gusset plates, bracing straps, jointing plates, column shoes, anchor nails etc.....Details
    Automated Pallet Assembly System
BeA pallet systems are an investment, which pays for itself very quickly due to the fact that you can fully automate your production, lower your costs and improve your profits. ....Details
Collated fasteners for your application:
Staples, Pins, brads, T-nails, corrugated fasteners, BDC-nails, TC-nails, strip nails, roofing nails, shelf support studs, expanding inserts, cable clips, deco-nails, hog rings, Vertex spring clips, RapidClip etc.