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It's free and easy!  
Easy Going:  The BeA Easy Way
   ( Only for Germany )

More value with BeA 

You can take the Easy Way for all your BeA tools whether you' ve bought one
for the first time or have been our customer for years. This way too BeA tools
save your money! Your tools will be picked up and brought to our customer service
department for any repair and/or maintenance free of charge. 

One call is enough

Just dial our free telephone and fax number from anywhere in Germany, and the
rest will take care of itself. You only need to give us a few important facts such as
company name, customer number, address, person to contact, etc., ant within
48 hours your tool(s) will be picked up by courier service at no charge to you.

On the safe side 

Of course your tool(s) are insured against loss in transport. But please pack them
carefully to prevent damage during shipment.